Project Management is a very broad Term which is being widely used in order to describe (in simple terms) the role of a Person (Project Manager) who will be the ‘Single Point of [everyone’s] Contact’ and will be leading all the Consultants, aiming to deliver ‘the Project’ ensuring the desired balance between Time, Cost and Quality. This of course is a very large role which is used for large and complex projects. Services that form part of the full Project Manager’s Role but may be offered in isolation are, but not limited to, the following:

  • Planning & Programming

    • Preparation of Programmes of Works

    • Critical Path Analysis

  • Resource Management

    • Labour / Plant / Materials Analysis

  • Executive Reporting

    • Project Manager’s Periodical Reporting

  • Representation

    • Representing Overseas Purchasers with a complete team of Professionals (Architects, Structural Engineers, Electromechanical Engineers, Landscape Architects, Interior Designers, Town Planners)

  • Turnkey Solutions

    • May undertake to ‘Design and Build’ a Construction project including furnishings / fixtures / fittings / accessories / etc. After the Design will have been approved by the Client, a commitment will be done in order to deliver the project on time and to specification [at a pre-agreed fixed price].

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